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God looked around his garden, And found an empty place.
He then looked down upon the earth, And saw your tired face.

He put His arms around you, And lifted you to rest.
God’s garden must be beautiful, He always takes the best.

He knew that you were suffering, He knew that you were in pain.
He knew that you would never, Get well on earth again.

He saw the road was getting rough, And the hills were hard to climb.
So He closed your weary eyelids, And whispered “Peace be thine.”

It broke our hearts to lose you, But you did not go alone…
For part of us went with you, The day God called you home.

We loved you Brother Alfred, but GOD loved you more! We have been the most fortunate of all man-kind to have you in our midst. We appreciate you now and always for everything you have been to us…

Forever Missed!! Forever Cherished!! Rest In God’s Perfect Peace Jatich Ruoth…

With All Our Love,



  1. Dear Committee Members,

    I plan to be at UMASH Funeral Home today at 11am for the postmortem exercise.

    Who is planning to be there so that we can start engaging KEMRI on testing for those of us who will travel for the burial?

    Can we use this platform to eulogize Pastor Alfred Owuor Obonyo…. *what can you remember Alfred for?*

    Because we shall have a very limited space owing to travelling constraints, this is your chance to Mourn and Eulogize a man who was very committed in undertaking any assigned tasks.

    *I remember Alfred as my Wedding Planning Committee Chairman in 2005. On the wedding day, that is on 8th October 2005, I was stranded with some of the guests from home and by then we were staying in a single room in Satellite and thus we couldn’t accommodate all of them*.

    Alfred took all my guests to his home (by then, they were staying in Satellite Kwa Maji).

    Moreover, he gave me two of his children Emmanuel who was our wedding page boy and Mariamu who was our wedding flower girl.

    Last Sunday the 7th June 2020, Pastor Alfred is the one who closed our Dagoreti Cell Group On-line Church service with a powerful prayer and prayed to all of us who had prayer requests.

    Nyasaye mondo ohoo chuny mama Pamela kaachiel kod nyithindgi Patricia; Pauline; Anita; Emmanuel and Mariamu.

    Nyaka Wananeree Tee e Tiend Yesu, Yweyo Mayom, Ler Mochwere Wuod Ugenya Boro.

    Rambi Rambi

  2. When I lost my first wife in 2010, Alfred took over the funeral arrangements and teamed up with Bernard Omondi to ensure that everything went well. Again in 2011 when I lost my son, he did equally the same and I remember when I came back to Nairobi, he was the first person to visit me at my place. It was that day that I realized that he could counsel well.

    Our friendship grew more and again, when we were planning our wedding in 2015, he was the Chairman. He did a splendid job together with Bernard, Nahashon and Migosi who was the emcee.

    I served with him in various committees in Church. When his daughter was wedding, he chose me to be the coordinator and all went well.

    May God grant the family peace and comfort during this difficult moments.

  3. Do u know Obonyo Alfred?
    -Obonyo the Amina cell group committee member.
    -Obonyo the Kibera VOSH Church Chairman-Development.
    -Obonyo the KIVET Secretary.
    -Obonyo the Kibera VOSH Church Welfare Chairman.
    -Obonyo the Satelite VOSH church Welfare Chairman.
    -Obonyo the Associate Pastor-Satelite (Kawangware cell group).
    -Obonyo my son.
    -Obonyo the wedding committees Chairman.
    -Obonyo the funerals committees Chairman.
    -Obonyo wuod Asembo.
    -Obonyo wuod Adongo.
    -Obonyo osiepa; osiep min Aus my wife, osiep nyithinda.
    -Obonyo the great teacher.
    -Obonyo the counselor.
    -Obonyo the ever smiling kind hearted fellow.

    Death has robbed us of a great companion. He has stood with us in so many ways as a family.

    My Kingdom brother till we meet again! Nind gi kwe Baba Mariamu.

    1. Daddy you were a blessing to me. I remember on 1st of June 2020 you came home, I prepared brewed tea for you and Rev. Isaiah who is also our friend. I never knew that is was the last time I was seeing you and the last time you were calling me Nyakateg. May your soul rest in eternal peace. I lack words. It is just like a dream. Goodbye daddy till we meet again ???

  4. I remember Alfred kaka n’gat Nyasaye mane very strict kendo mane nyalo kwero ngato gima rach to pod udong’ ka uheroru. N’gat mane chiwore ka kawo misigo mar ng’ato kamare. Onge sama ne inyalo kwayo Alfred thuolone mokweri nodich. Anyalo paro wuoda maduong’kane join form one; Alfred nokawo thuolone mar wuok kodwa all the way from Nairobi to Butere. Dawach ang’o kuom jal mane luonga mana ni Amon Nyathiwa. Ywe mayom Wuon Anita.

  5. Alfred Obonyo; such a noble man. Would leave his business to do yours! I remember he left everything to look for a school for me when I was to join form one in 2014 and even took me to school on the reporting date.
    Everyone was a son and a daughter to him. I remember visiting him with my wife to be then at KEMRI for blood screening before our wedding. How he treated us with utmost kindness and was of great help!

    You will surely be missed baba. Nind gi kwee ng’at Bwana.

  6. I remember Alfred Obonyo wuod Ugenya Jatich Nyasaye ma ok cham nyadhi ne wad gi saa chandruok. Kinde moko piny ne ochama Nairobi ka,ka an kod nyithindo ma kiye to aonge kata documents mag nyithindo nyaka jo nyuol gi to Jaduong’ Obonyo ne okonya ma okelona birth-certificates ma nyithindo odhi school gi kwee.. Nyasaye opar family mar Wuon Emmanuel…Dhi gi kwee wuod Jo Boro. Polo e dala mosingi.

  7. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Mr. Alfred played a big role in August 2008. Yeye ndiye alitumwa kununua ng’ombe za kupeleka dowry kwetu and he accompanied my hubby on 15th August 2008 to ‘nyuoma’. He was part of the committee and his son Manu was part of the groom’s team.

    I have known him as a very strict and dedicated man. RIP bro till we meet again.

  8. Praise God!

    As Alfred’s cell group pastor I also eulogize him as one of the architects of my wedding committee which was to happen on 27th June and now postponed. As my assistant I remember him closing our online services prayer last Sunday and holding a 4 hours’ discussion in my house on issues pertaining Dagoreti cell group.

    May our Dear Lord Rest his Soul in Enteral Peace. Amen.

    1. The Bible says that we give thanks in all things. The Lord gives and He takes in His own right time .He knows best. We still thank Him however painful it is.

      His death beat us below the belt but the Bible still commands us that it shall be well with the righteous. Personally I was humbled when he said he would visit cell group members one by one and we let our doors open for him. Who could free their time to visit people randomly apart from someone who has the love of God in him?
      We will miss him but his acts of kindness will live with us.
      Go well, until then we shall meet on that day when the Lord shall come to take us home. May the peace of the Lord that surpasses human understanding be with his family.

  9. Since I knew Pastor Alfred, he has been like a father to me. He was a man who would stand upon his word. Alfred was my advisor at some point. I remember when I was to take dowry to K’Ogelo. We visited him at his office KEMRI and there he gave us counsel and it was marvelous!

    He was a loving father and was a very concerned person. He helped me get my birth certificate . Alfred was a dedicated man of God and would welcome you with smiles on his face.

    Rest in peace mtumishi wa Mungu I can’t question God but let his will be done.

  10. ???Early this year just at the beginning of April…..my father Alfred was with me in the hospital when I heard to undergo an operation that wasn’t even planned for….. He was there for me and helped me out …..it is hard to believe he is gone. I see him in my eyes when I was just discharged from hospital …. can’t believe he is gone ….may his soul rest in peace….AMEN.

  11. He was like a father to me R.I.P.

  12. Daddy you were a blessing to me. I remember on 1st of June 2020 you came home, I prepared brewed tea for you and Rev. Isaiah who is also our friend. I never knew that is was the last time I was seeing you and the last time you were calling me Nyakateg. May your soul rest in eternal peace. I lack words. It is just like a dream. Goodbye daddy till we meet again ???

  13. Daddy you were a blessing to me. I remember on 1st of June 2020 you came home, I prepared brewed tea for you and Rev. Isaiah who is also our friend. I never knew that is was the last time I was seeing you and the last time you were calling me Nyakateg. May your soul rest in eternal peace. I lack words. It is just like a dream. Goodbye daddy till we meet again ???

  14. A friend, brother, elder, mentor, grand-parent: Alfred Owuor Obonyo is all these to me and my family.To my wife Obonyo calls her mother Andy; My wife calls Obonyo uncle. The gap Obonyo has left, God is standing in that place. God bless the family of Jaboro…
    To Japuonj Pamela, God was before all these things happened. He is the author and finisher of our faith.

    Rest in peace Ja Boro.

  15. Memorable Moments With The Late Alfred Obonyo:
    – Chaired my wedding committee during political campaigns and executed all the tasks to successful completion against all odds for which my wife and I are grateful to date.
    – Our last born brother wanted to pay dowry but got stuck after being disappointed in the initial arrangements. On approaching Alfred, he willingly accepted to help out; bought very appealing cows for my younger brother and delivered them in person to the in-laws’ home ahead of our visit. He was more than a brother to me.
    – My previous employer lost a parent and needed to obtain the death certificate outside Nairobi, for succession purposes. On approaching Alfred he agreed to help out and in no time co-ordinated and delivered a valid death certificate to the amazement of my previous employer. He was a friend indeed.
    – The late Alfred facilitated the acquisition of my birth certificate, my wife’s birth certificate, my children’s birth certificates as well as those of my relatives. He had a big heart and was always ready to help out.
    – As time passed by we became aware of certain facts and started calling each other ‘Nyawanda’ meaning in-laws and once in a while, whenever time allowed met and sat in some quiet place where we shared our testimonies, at times over a cup of tea or porridge. We trusted each other.
    – Unfortunately, from the time Covid-19 restrictions were imposed by the Government until his demise, I never had a chance to see or talk to ‘Nyawanda’ again.
    – In my opinion the late Alfred Owuor Obonyo was big-hearted, humble, God fearing and knew no boundary when it came to lending a helping hand or serving the Lord in whatever level. He was forthright and dependable hence impacted our lives positively.
    While birth is a gift from God to live, death is a privilege to be free from pain, suffering and re-unite with the Father in Heaven. RIP Baba Emmanuel…

    Sylvanus Oguta Ouko – Madaraka Church.


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