Menstruation Matters!

Menstruation matters and is inextricably linked to the advancement of education, health assurance, environmental protection, economic advancement and the ultimate realization of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN championed Sustainable Development Goals (2030).

Addressing the serious challenges women face during menstruation by ensuring that they have quality cotton underpants and a pack of affordable quality sanitary towels each month is a good recipe for achieving matters sustainable development.

Knowing that we are advancing a basic global human right gives us the agility we need to further pursue this challenging cause.

Please join us as we celebrate our young women who cannot afford the ‘luxury’ of buying underpants and a pack of quality sanitary pads every month as nature requires them to. We are indeed humbled to step in and help our sisters and daughters. No one should have to choose between buying a sanitary pad and a meal…

Hey, we Appreciate You Now! for taking up the challenge to keep our children in school. Your donation will also go a long way in helping physically challenged women, women living in the streets, refugee camps, prisons and rural thickets.

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