Sharing is Caring!

Our hearts crunch at the thought and sight of young children scavenging the dust bins for food – a misnomer that has gradually upgraded to being socially acceptable.

When will this child be a child and allow him/herself to be taken care of? Is he/she ever going to see school gates and achieve his/her dreams? When will he/she experience the love of being warmly tucked away in cold weather or being sheltered from the scorching sun?

At APPRECIATE ME NOW, we recognize the many challenges that come with being born and bred in the street. We strive to do our part no matter how small. We let children be children. We do our best to help them stay in shape.

We work in a number of ways to reduce the number of children living in the streets. We support them from their new homes and encourage them to befriend education which has fast become a baseline for success in our society today.

Through proceeds from our online business and gifts from you, we offer business skills training to street parents (including those living with disability) so that they are better equipped to fend for their families once they are out of the streets for it is our ultimate goal that they don’t return to the streets.

The philosophy of ‘sharing is caring’ is our common pillar in this walk, and our heart will never be at peace until we share the little we have! 

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