“Not All of Us Can Do Great Things, but We Can Do Small Things With  Great Love” – Mother Teresa

“Do all the good you can; by all the means you can

in all the ways you can, in all the places you can

at all the times you can, to all the people you can,

as long as you ever can”

– John Wesley.


We Are #TeamAppreciation!

We have a thing against ingratitude.

To us, #ThankYouAlwaysWins!

The time is ripe for Appreciation Ambassadors (Double A’s) to enlighten the world.

Who are Double A’s?

Double A’s are the twinkling stars whose generous donations make it possible for the less fortunate people to feel appreciated. They help us to create a dignified world where people’s mental being is alert and calm with their inner selves and outward being.

Double A’s are the angels who donate part of their wings and help others fly away into a better life far from depression and regrets…they are guided by the noble notion that this world was created for all of us and can warmly fit us all; but if only we extend some compassion and empathy to the people who need it most.

It is however infinitely tragic that nothing (if not so little) is happening in that direction. Mere talk doesn’t help; precisely why most of us stopped going for counseling!

Real actions are necessary. Who will act if not you and me? Who will extend a helping hand to that stranded stranger whose life has come to a sudden halt because person A, B and C did K, L and M, because of Q, R and S and now X, Y and Z is happening? Who will open the eyes of that street boy or jobless mum of five and make them realize that obstacles don’t block the path and that the same obstacles are actually the path…?

Through our various campaigns, we invite everyone to join #Team Appreciation…and become a ‘Double A’.

Esteemed Doubles A’s donate their goods, services, vacancies, small and large amounts of cash to cater for people who have never known love and appreciation.

Please contact us at info@appreciatemenow.org for more details on how you can become a Double A and subsequently help in healing the world through spreading your loving wings and providing a shade for the weather beaten.

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