Older is Golden!

Dear Grandma and Grandpops,

You always seem to have a fresh and endless supply of hugs, laughter, inspiration, goodies, stories, love and special prayers for all of us. Your genuine love is like moonlight, turning harsh things to beauty. Through various mind bogging challenges, we have seen you resiliently feed generations without complaining.

You have given us lifetime values which you softly instilled in us. One value at a time until our tiny hearts grew big enough to carry them all. You even taught us how to transfer those same values to our own children. Your grand children.

Your lips have uttered nothing else but abundant blessings for us. You have schooled us in countless endeavors…above all you’ve shown us the power of prayers…the power to seek God on our knees…in you we have comforters and cheerleaders in equal measure.

You believe in us even when the world doesn’t…We just came to say that we love you very much and we appreciate that we have you in our lives.

Because of these few reasons among many more, we promise on our honor today, that we will take care of you the best way you taught us how.

When you feel teary, overwhelmed and defeated, we promise that we will show up just on time…like you always did for us.

When you just want a friend to sit down and listen to your stories like we did before, we will be there.

When your supplies have run down and they need replenishment, it is our call never mind.

When you feel like cleaning around your beautiful home that is always open to all of us at any time, don’t lift a finger we have enough energy for that.

When you feel like a massage on your back and feet while we relish our sweet memories, we promise we will be there to pamper you to the end…because you did all these and more to us.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With all our Love!


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