Green Ups and Clean Ups!

From the North to the South Pole, the human race continue to encounter both stark and subtle effects of climate change. Unforeseen extreme weather patterns are already creating unprecedented challenges for millions of people especially those who are already saddled with the burden of poverty.

Famine, wild fires, floods and hurricanes have become a worrying trend the world over. This evidence brings us to an ultimate conclusion that climate change is a real global threat and not an imaginary fairy tale as it exacerbates the risk of poverty, hunger, disease and conflict over meager natural resources.

For a long time we thought that we were nurturing nature while in reality it was nature that was nurturing us. Through this cause, we want to restore our nature…our world.

There is no Wi-fi in the forest but in due course when we shall have replaced all the trees we cut down, we will find a better connection with Mother Nature because nature always wears the colors of the spirit.

We want to go back to where we started…to Mother Nature to be soothed, healed and to have our senses put back in order.

We are confident that one step at a time, we shall achieve these through organizing regular clean ups and green ups in the areas that matter most.

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