A Cup of Coffee With A Cop!

Clothed in an independent and non-partisan attitude, APPRECIATE ME NOW is on a valiant mission to mend broken trust, build it a fresh if need be and start a good long lasting relationship with our men and women in uniform.

We have opened doors for interactions outside of the crisis situations that typically bring police officers and the community members together – over a cup of coffee.

We believe that solutions to our continued well being are conversational based and are not mounted on engaging the police/citizens in street battles and tear gas decorated skies.

We strive to create a calm atmosphere that reminds everyone that our esteemed men and women in uniform, are our first line of defense and not our enemies per se. Ours is to light the lamp as we have done; Yours is to keep the conversation going…over coffee.

One cup at a time, we welcome you to join us in this utmost challenging cause that will help us steer better community discipline for ourselves, our children, the law enforcers and the state at large.

Hey, we Appreciate You Now! for minding our Community Policing efforts and supporting our bold cause. Welcome abode!

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