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Nature has taught us that humanity never appreciates the importance of something until it goes missing. Loss truly brings gratitude!

Pieces of evidence around us and across the world have proven that when someone passes on for instance; tribute start pouring in and people heap praises on the deceased whose life they were barely a part of. At this juncture, they can’t feel the person offering it. They can’t and never will hug or thank the person back for his/her kind actions. Their chance to be here with us is gone and gone forever, changed in a twinkle of an eye.

Someone who lived in squalor and deprivation most if not all his life is suddenly able to feed hundreds through his funeral service. People will come together to give him/her a decent burial but it will be too late to show this kind act because he/she won’t feel our kind actions then.

“Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that’s a greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.”

– Mother Teresa

What if he/she was still here? What if we gave him/her a chance to live more years by offering simple acts of appreciation? What if we reciprocated the good he/she did to us while he/she was still alive?

At this juncture I guess ‘what if’ questions will continue to linger until the burial ceremony is held and forgotten by all in a short while. Then another similar case and another but none of those cases leave us lifelong lessons year in year out. The cycle of ingratitude is repeated over and over pushing more and more people to the brink and into early graves.

Most of us have excess food in our houses, clothes we wore years back and those that our children have outgrown, shoes we no longer need, old furniture in our balconies, shelves full of books we haven’t perused since the internet age and so much more but we can’t bring ourselves to give our excesses to someone.

APPRECIATE ME NOW is here to remind humanity that it is never too late to love and appreciate one another.

We facilitate your gratitude process; making it as easy as it should be yet one that brings incessant memories and ‘life’ to the person that is or was (once upon a time) special to you.

This could be your spouse, children, ‘baby mama’, ‘baby daddy’, parents, grand-parents, uncles, aunts, siblings, in-laws, a doctor, a nurse, potential dates, home managers, nannies, watchman, driver, former teacher, your child’s teacher, a neighbor, your pastor, employee, employer, a children’s home, a street family, a minister, a chief, a grocer (mama ‘mboga’), bridal party, friends, loyal customer, firefighters, your guests, men in uniform (policeman, army officer), the President, your MCA, your Member of Parliament, Senator, Governor or any other outstanding person that you think is doing an extraordinary work to serve you and your country or even continent.

The list is in no way complete and the buck stops with you in matters who to appreciate. Just let us know what is going on through your mind and we will translate it into an admirable action…for you and your loved one.

Have you ever brushed shoulders with anyone? Did you apologize or did you let your big ego get the better of you and failed to apologize?

Our esteemed team appreciates the imperfect nature of all human beings. Therefore, we have devised simple ways to help you reconnect in a special way with the people you don’t get along with for your mental well being.

Hey! Life is too short to hold grudges. Loosen up as much you can and live this day like it is your last day on earth! The debilitating effects of bitterness are real and eventually show on how we live our daily lives and how we relate to others.

However, in forgiving ourselves and others we are truly liberated and we find new purpose in life within no time.

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