September 22 2020 0Comment


Dear Teacher ‘Mum’,

Indeed it takes a big heart to shape little minds…and you have proven that your heart is slightly bigger than the average human heart. Your love, drive, passion and determination are an inspiration to all of us at school. Thank you for everything you and your team has done to give me a solid foundation.

Even with schools closed and COVID – 19 raging, I have not lost my bearing because you believed in me. I know sometimes I don’t pay attention, I run around even when I’m not supposed to, I ALWAYS mess around and talk too much, but you have never given up on me…(wink!).

Thank you for being the one who believed and continues to believe in me. I won’t forget it even when I grow old enough to understand your kindness and generosity.

I love you Tr. “Mum”.

Yours Truly,

Double A. (Anfernee Adem)

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