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Our beloved grandmother,

God couldn’t be everywhere so He gave us you! Your magic hug and the ever bright sunshine in your smile have made a huge difference in our lives. The love you radiate in everything you do to us continues to make our lives worthwhile. Your over-arching prayers to your dear grand-and great-grand children have remained constant…those prayers have indeed kept us.

You are our living legend. A woman so graceful…so fine…and beautiful! A woman with a penchant for everything elegant. A woman with poise and refined choice. A super woman whose big heart bursts with love for everyone around her.

To your children and grandchildren, there’s no one like you Nya N’giya… Nyieka, you beat them all!! We are who we are today because of your uncountable sacrifices.

We want you to know that we appreciate everything you’ve done to us. We love you beyond words. We are so privileged to have you in our lives. Long Live Mrs. Opondo!

With all our love,

Your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


  1. God bless you grandma

  2. It is nearly impossible to stop my grandma from doing the dishes after a family dinner. We tell her to relax but but when we turn our backs,she is hand_ washing the dishes.

    No matter how much of a fight we put up, grandma always wants to help us…

    Our beautiful grandma is more reliable than anyone else in our lives and regardless of time or place she will always find a way to help us.

    My grandma has unconditional love for her grandchildren.It doesn’t matter how long you get along, our grandma has a love that’s stronger than any other.

    When am stressed out my grandma teaches me the value of laughter; not only me but all her grandchildren.

    Our grandma always teaches us that we shouldn’t subject ourselves to or listen to anyone else ideas about our lives.

    We should do whatever we please until the day we die.

    We love you grandma! May God bless you ?

  3. My eldest sis Ursular,

    Unbelievable; some things could and can only be done by you. Before you even had your own kids, your ? had more than 7 people and there was peace, love and understanding. The practice of welcoming extended relatives and children in your community continued to date. You were not only welcoming them but clothing and educating them in addition to feeding. Your belief and love of God from childhood to date; your never ending prayers; your laughter and reaching out to others in times of need is immeasurable. I love you sister. May God give you many more years!

    Your little sis,


  4. May God bless you so much our Grandma… you mean a lot to us as your grand children nyang’iya…. you’ve taught us so many things in life and we appreciate it Dana….. love you so much…

  5. My name sake, my disciplinarian,my culinary tutor, may God bless you and keep you longer for me.

  6. To my best Legend,

    Grandma is a very special gift to all of us. She’s a mentor, a disciplinarian who never shies to correct and guide her family,friends and even strangers.

    She’s a very respected person who everyone in the community looks up to,many people come to her to seek guidance and she has an abundant basket of wisdom that she keeps sharing with her grand children and even her great grand children.

    She is a loving and caring friend and a mentor to many of us. Grandma has done much for us and I would like to appreciate and thank her for all that she has done.

    Thank you so much grandma❤
    May God bless you abundantly?

    Dearest grand daughter:
    Celestine Akoth (Nyar Suba)

  7. To a loving aunt,
    You have always been there to support our families and it always feels nice to see you around. The unity you have maintained in Enoch’s family is beyond imagination. I remember when you prayed for me in the church after I confused dholuo word “gweth” meaning baptism for blessings but your prayer worked wonders and I feel blessed to date. You are never shy to tell us right from wrong.
    I appreciate all the efforts you have done to bring families together. This name Japuonj is truly yours!

    Your loving nephew Nicholas Oloo.

  8. My dear mother,
    My second God,
    My intercessor when things go wrong, my nurse when am sick,
    There is none like you in the whole world. Indeed l am what l am today because of you. Apart from educating me you have taught me so many things in life. You have also given me and my family support physically, spiritually and financially.
    There is a saying ‘kendo nyathi ok ochie’ which you have successfully fulfilled. You have been so dear to me for the 61 years l have lived in this world.
    May God grant you long life and abundant blessings.
    Your daughter,

  9. Mum, my mentor,my heroine and my dear friend,

    A special mum is hard to find.
    Your best piece of advice ever was,” The finer things in life do not come easy toil in your youth to enjoy in the years to come. ”
    You’re a strong believer in the value of quality education thus your generosity around the same.

    You’ve always shown me how to really fight and battle adversity and to never back down.
    Mum,you’ll forever be my biggest support. You are always my strength when life seems so unfair and the greatest gift I’ve ever had.

    Your children and grandchildren have millions of wisdom you instilled in them.
    I’m grateful that God made you our mum.

    Thank you so much mum and may God grant you more years of your life

    Daughter: Sally

  10. To Our Beloved Aunty
    We Thank God for the Blessings He Has Bestowed on you. You’ve been a pillar in Enoch Oloo’s Family. Always present in every situation, Leading from the front always, An Encourager, And A prayer warrior,
    We love you so much, Na Ubarikiwe Zaidi.

    Your Loving Nephew Onyash.


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