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Dear Mom,

You believe in us more than we believe in ourselves. You do more to us than you do for yourself. You’ve spent your life worrying about us and praying for us more than we’ll ever know…you’ve given us more than you can afford…you’ve protected us from things we didn’t know much about …you’ve loved us with your all…we look back and conclude that you are indeed irreplaceable in our lives.  

You are the strongest person we know. We admire you for your strength, kindness and compassion. You are the super glue that has kept our family together. Thank you for spreading your loving wings over us dear sweet mother.

To the world you are a mother, but to us you are the world! We can’t repay you for all that you’ve done to us.

We therefore passed by this wall to let you know that we love and appreciate you mama!

With lots of LOVE,

Your girls!

(Mami, Madhe, Dani, Toto and Auntie)

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