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Congratulations Brian! You have been selected as ‘Employee of the Month’ of April 2021. This recognition couldn’t have come at a more opportune time than this.

The entire team at Brimil Company Limited sincerely appreciates your exemplary performance. Indeed, your interest, enthusiasm, team spirit, diligence and overall work input have made a huge impact on our business. Our profitability sky-dived in glaring difficulties which were well tackled under your able leadership. Your crave for perfection has kept our clients more than happy and glued to us and we remain forever indebted to you.

Please accept this simple gesture as a token of our sincere and heartfelt gratitude for your excellent performance over the years (and especially during this past month) that you’ve been at Brimil Company Limited.

This award contains an all-expenses paid trip to an international destination of your choice at a time of your convenience and when it is safe for you to travel. You are welcome to liaise with the HR Department to actualize these. In the meantime, BRIMIL COMPANY LIMITED is also offering you a wellness (gym) membership voucher at YMCA Nairobi for the next one year.

You have been a great addition to our team. We couldn’t have made it this far without your help! Kudos to you!!


  1. Well done Brian!! Keep up the good work!

  2. Congrats Brian!!

    Keep up the good job…

  3. Warmest congratulations on your achievements!


  4. A well deserved treat!! Thank you for being a wonderful leader. I couldn’t have reached where I am without your mentorship. Thanks.

    (Please bring me a gift from your trip LOL!! )


  5. Hey Brayo!

    I still vividly remember the interview process when I applied to join Brimil Company Limited as a Sales Account Manager. Nervous as I was, you showed me that an interview process is not an intimidation but a wonderful interaction whereby both the interviewer and interviewee can learn from each others’ experience. (niongeze volume ama niachie hapa?? I think I should increase the volume LOL).

    While you were friendly and took away the nervousness I felt, you still remained very objective throughout the whole exercise. I’m glad that I ended up here. Just as I have proven time and again, I will not let you down Sir.

    Congratulations on your wonderful achievement! Keep it up boss!!

  6. Congrats Brayo.
    You truly deserve this.
    Well done buddy!!

  7. Hi you brilliant mind,

    See where feasting on tilapia from Lake Victoria has landed you? (hahahaha)!

    So happy to be your every day client because of the standards you have set as a company. Kuddos to BRIMIL TOURS and TRAVEL Company Limited. This team is wonderful.

    Hey, I need to unwind. When are we going to Maasai Mara? (maybe we wait for the wild beest migration in July. Nature is truly beautiful)

    ‘Piga simu mara moja! Kenya Hakuna Matata. (My Swahili is so good these days LOL) We need to get those tickets. Lockdown? The weather? Catch you later.

    For now I just passed by to highly congratulate you on your achievements. ‘Tuko pamoja’.

    Your great friend and long term client from Antwerp – Belgium,

  8. Congratulations dad!

    Loving son,



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