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…Beloved Wife and co-Partner in Life… Love has spoken and there’s no turning back. Each time you look into my eyes, you melt my heart and make me fall in love all over again. I love being loved by you! Nothing excites me more than knowing that in you I have a lifetime partnership full […]


Dear Teacher ‘Mum’, Indeed it takes a big heart to shape little minds…and you have proven that your heart is slightly bigger than the average human heart. Your love, drive, passion and determination are an inspiration to all of us at school. Thank you for everything you and your team has done to give me […]


Our dear Chingwell… Thank you for donating part of your wings and enabling others to fly away into a better life. You have indeed shown us that kindness never goes out of style…Please accept our sincere and heartfelt gratitude! We are truly humbled that you chose to partner with us. Your donation to our cause […]


My Bestie… Thank you for being the twinkling star in my sky…indeed you have shone bright with bewitching beauty…enchanting me ever since I met you in grade one!…never at any one point has your light grown dim. Before it even began, our story seemingly was already perfectly engraved in heaven…! Let’s just say that in […]


You are the best friend that cannot be replaced. You have been faithful for 50 years. Lol. I love you nyamama. Every day with you in this life is beautiful! No oceans, or should we say rivers, can come between us. I love you! From: Andie Ndie.

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